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Term And Condition

Term and Condition

NSHIS provide a pleasant online shopping experience to its costumer. Please read the following details below
1) NSHIS is a register company.
2) We are manufacturer and wholesaler .
3) Our main aim is to satisfy costumer by providing quality goods and services.
4) We do shipping all over the world. You can choose the shipping method during checkout. we have three shipping method courier, sea and air cargo. All the order placed are delivered within 7-21 working days.
5) Size are listed according to its dimension of the opening.
6) If you send payment through MasterCard, PayPal we will confirm your payment within 2 days working hour. Before this your payment will be on waiting list. If any information goes wrong and you failed to summit online information then you can mail us.
7) For wholesale order you can send message to our customer feedback. we will try to reach you as soon as possible. we have different minimum order quantity as in wholesale and retail cart. For a quantity order wholesale price are listed in cart.
8) Order goods can be cancel, if the goods are not shipped. If the goods are shipped then the order will not be canceled. We will not be responsible if the goods are lost or stone.
9) Goods will be return within the 30 days of the shipment for refund or exchange. Not other things will be consider.